04 octubre 2012

Conferencia KES 2012 . Semantic Clinical Decision Support System

Hoy os dejamos la información que han presentado nuestros socios tecnológicos de Vicomtech-ik4  en las conferencias  KES2012.

"A Semantic Clinical Decision Support System: conceptual architecture and implementation guidelines"

Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) are computer applications that focus on assisting medical decisions required during clinical tasks. Although CDSS  have been extensively studied for more than 30 years, their use is not broadly extended yet in daily clinical practice. Identified challenges of CDSS include (i) automating decision support, (ii) clinical workflow integration, (iii) ability of the system to be maintained and extended, (iv) timely advice and (v) evaluation of decisions effects and costs. In this paper, we hypothesize that Knowledge Engineering techniques and semantic technologies could be applied to CDSS in order to overcome the current identified challenges. We present a generic architecture for a Semantic CDSS, which we call SCDSS, and implementation guidelines for the breast cancer domain. Our approach follows a cyclic-federated paradigm allowing the reutilization of knowledge gathered at every stage of the clinical cycle

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A Semantic Clinical Decision Support System: conceptual architecture and implementation guidelines Eider Sanchez, Carlos Toro, Arkaitz Artetxe, Manuel Graña, Eduardo Carrasco, Frank Guijarro)