26 octubre 2017

Basque Medical Devices Capacities Directory - Bilbomática

Hoy recogemos la presentación del "Basque Medical Devices Capacities Directory", donde Bilbomática muestra su "expertise" Socio-Sanitario en los ámbitos de Monitoring devices, co-development Medical image  analysis software, diagnostic nuclear image system (pet, spect, mri ), information systems for healthcare providers, mobile health, Interoperability, telehealth, dss (decisión support system) y Bigdata.

"Medical Devices and Digital Health sectors are multidisciplinary areas that need, for their development, many different capabilities and a high level of knowledge and expertise in diverse disciplines, as well as the convergence of appropriate resources in an environment able to foster innovation.

Indeed, Medical Devices and Digital Health sectors cannot prosper without an appropriate ecosystem in which biomedical and health sciences meet technologies such as Electronics, Mechatronics, ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) or Advanced Manufacturing, among others. The sector is extremely demanding of innovative high technology, that needs close collaboration among industry, technology platforms, R&D centers and Healthcare centers.

In this context, the Basque Country presents an attractive scenario with great potential for the development of the Medical Devices and Digital Health sectors, due to the following strengths:

• A strong regional specialization and promotion of Biosciences and Health, merging industry, scientific and technological agents and clinical centers.

• Powerful and highly competitive capabilities in Advanced Manufacturing, as a result of the transfer of innovations in technologies such as nanotechnology or ICTs to the traditional industrial sectors.

• A dynamic and strong ICT and Electronic sector with multiple links with Health and Biosciences.

• A highly integrated network of Healthcare providers, able to give a powerful traction to multiple developments related to biomedicine, e-health or medical devices.

• A dense network of scientific and technological centers with top-level capabilities in areas connected with Medical Devices and Digital Health, and with a culture of innovation and collaboration with industry.

• A high and sustained commitment of the Regional Government with innovation, that has led to the creation of a strongly effective ecosystem of innovation that provides support and resources and facilitates collaboration among private and public entities and among agents through the whole innovation value chain"