14 julio 2015

GoCardio Project: Remote cardiac rehabilitation system use case.

The GoCardio project allows the patient to be directly monitored on their daily activities without any need to go to the hospital. GoCardio provides the patient for this new electrocardiography (ECG) and effort measurement (MET) sensors, and a Smartphone connected with them via Bluetooth, which stores data and sends it to platform on the cloud.
Vicomtech-IK4 has collaborated together with Bilbomática to show the advances of the demo prototype of the ECG (electrocardiography) information transmission subsystem. The implementation is based on BITalino (biomedical development kit), and with Android mobile device.
The project counts with the participation of Bilbomática, STT and Incide, as well as Ceit-IK4, Vicomtech-IK4 and Biodonostia research centres.

"Este trabajo se desarrolla en el marco del proyecto cofinanciado por la SPRI/Gobierno Vasco en el marco de la convocatoria GAITEK. El/Los Autor/es quiere/n agradecer el conocimiento y las contribuciones de los miembros del consorcio"