19 junio 2017

DESIREE - KES-InMed-17 5th International KES Conference

The KES International Conference on Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare (KES-InMed-17) will gather a multi-disciplinary group consisting of researchers and engineers, managers, students and practitioners from the medical arena, to discuss the ways that innovation, knowledge exchange and enterprise can be applied to issues relating to medicine, surgery, healthcare and the issues of an ageing population.

A central theme of the conference will be Smart Medical and Healthcare Systems which will cover the ways in which modern intelligent systems contribute to the solution of problems faced by healthcare and medical practitioners today, addressing the application of these systems through all of the strands of the event.

Within this framework, DESIREE project has selected the conference for the organization of a Workshop, titled Smart Medical and Healthcare Systems. The workshop will be held the second day of the conference, the 22nd of June. 


European UnioneHealth

Este proyecto ha recibido fondos de la Unión Europea en el marco del programa de investigación e innovación Horizon 2020 con el número de acuerdo de subvención 690238.

 Los autores quieren agradecer el conocimiento y las contribuciones de los miembros del consorcio.

This project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programmme under grant agreement No 690238.

The authors wish to thank all consortium members the knowledge and