Bilbomática GIS y BigData. Analítica avanzada

Dentro del ámbito del Big Data y de los sistemas GISBilbomática trabaja para el ECDC Centro Europeo para la Prevención y el Control de las Enfermedades , sumando conocimiento en las lineas estrategia de la compañía.

Bilbomática presente en el mundo GIS desde hace mas de 15 años, refuerza el valor añadido que aporta a los clientes, con la unidad de Big Data. Permitiendo utilizar los datos existentes en las empresas y organizaciones, para una mejor toma de decisiones empresariales y de negocio.

Los Servicios que Bilbomática cubre para el Centro Europeo para la Prevención y el Control de las Enfermedades, son:

+ Surveillance Data Manager:

- Support collections of surveillance data from the EU/EEA Member States, and neighboring countries when applicable;

- Perform data validations and support the process of data quality management;

- Define and produce the required outputs based on the collected data together with in house disease experts that support the production of high profile external and internal surveillance  reports and outputs

- Define and execute transformations of historical surveillance data to the TESSy format

- Provide high quality user support for the +/-1000 external TESSy users

- Support the development of Metadata defining new/updated surveillance data collections

- Support the data cleaning process by working with stakeholders on requirements, implementing the cleaning and validation rules and ensuring the best quality for surveillance outputs preparation

+ GIS Data Analyst: 

- Support the process of analysing the user GIS requirements for revision of online surveillance outputs, use specific tools and methods to capture the inputs for the functional GIS requirements

- Analyse and support implementation of mapping components and propose GIS solutions for in-house web applications

- Collect, process and manage the geospatial data as content of the Central Geospatial Repository within the ECDC GIS Infrastructure based on agreed standards and procedures

- Support the design of geospatial databases, implementation and maintenance of their content

- Perform quality control on geospatial data (currency, accuracy, usefulness, quality and completeness)

- Perform SQL Geo database operations, spatial query design and optimization

- Assist in establishing data preparation standards and procedures

- Prepare and update metadata and other technical documentation to support the processing of geospatial data 

- Perform visual exploratory analysis on disease data using web enabled GIS applications, ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Desktop 

- Perform geospatial analysis using ArcGIS Server and Desktop in order to provide a valuable input for disease monitoring 

- Production of maps to support disease experts with their data analysis and decision-making process 

- Support GIS staff in providing an professional opinion on establishing and applying stable geographic information systems and best practices

+ SAP BO Data Manager:

- Create new universes needed for analyzing surveillance data on several disease or on several areas

- Update and maintain the existing universes, according to new requirements or new data available

- Create reports and outputs using SAP Business Objects BI Suite 4.1 to support the needs of ECDC surveillance activities

- Create reports to be used for data validation and data quality analysis, to support the data cleaning process

- Support improvements in organizing the SAP Business Objects BI Suite 4.1 portal to be used for collaborative analysis, and support ECDC in defining governance associated to the use of this BI solution

- Support the configuration and tunning of SAP Business Objects BI Suite 4.1 tool at ECDC

- Define best practices to be applied for the internal use of SAP Business Objects BI Suite 4.1.

- Ensure a “learning by doing” phase at ECDC, by working closely with other data managers and internal experts, sharing knowledge and ensuring the best use of this BI tool

- Possibly analyze STATA scripts used by internal stakeholders to perform data analysis, and use them to create similar data analysis with this BI tool

- Support and participate in the execution of data validations and data quality checks

- Support the production of expected outputs for our stakeholders

- Support the pilot phase of using the SAP Business Objects BI Suite 4.1 at ECDC; provide feedback on the use of this solution, the added value and possible improvements in regards to the results expected by ECDC

Complementando el ambito de los GIS, con el desarrollo realizado del E3 GEOPORTAL, El European Envornmental Epidemiology (E3) geoportal es una aplicación web de búsqueda y presentación de información geoespacial y no geoespacial incluyendo noticias, proyectos, datos, mapas, etc.