01 junio 2015

Scientists unveil prostate cancer’s ‘Rosetta Stone’

Source The Institute of Cancer Research: "Scientists unveil prostate cancer’s ‘Rosetta Stone’. Almost 90% of men with advanced prostate cancer carry genetic mutations in their tumours that could be targeted by either existing or new cancer drugs, a landmark new study reveals...."

... The research is published today in the major scientific journal Cell, and is funded by Stand up to Cancer and the Prostate Cancer Foundation...

... Mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes – most famous for their roles in breast cancer – were found in nearly 20% of patients. Recent work at the ICR and The Royal Marsden has shown that these patients can be treated effectively by drugs called PARP inhibitors...

... Professor Paul Workman, Chief Executive and President of the ICR, said: “Cancer becomes lethal at the stage when it spreads round the body and stops responding to treatment – but until now it has been incredibly difficult to find out exactly what is going on genetically at that critical point... "

Unveiling prostate cancer’s ‘Rosetta Stone’ from The Institute of Cancer Research on Vimeo.