Disponible en la App Store de Apple la aplicación NatureWatch.

 Hoy os mostramos la primera aplicación publicada en al App Store (iOS) por Bilbomática, para la Agencia Europea de Medio Ambiente.

La Aplicación NatureWatch permite a los usuarios registrar especies invasivas en Europa y compartirlas con la comunidad a través de la nueva iniciativa de EyeonEarth, cuyo objetivo es crear comunidades que compartan información medioambiental.

Descripción de NatureWatch:

Join NatureWatch to help monitor the spread of invasive alien species (IAS) in Europe. Together with climate change, IAS is one of the main reasons for the loss of biodiversity.

The NatureWatch mobile app enables you to report your IAS observations. It offers lists of priority species, incl. pictures and descriptions of these, and allows you to submit your findings as pictures, videos or sounds.

NatureWatch also includes a validation system through which active contributors may establish themselves as authoritative validators.


Aprovechamos este post, para mostraros las aplicaciones móviles de las que dispone la Agencia Europea de Medio Ambiente.

Noise Meter: 

Listen up. Environmental noise is one of the most present pollutants in the world today, with potential negative impacts on your health. The Noise Meter uses a built in microphone on your hand held device to determine the level of sounds it detects, and displays this in decibels (dB). It has been designed solely to measure noise levels wherever you are. 
Versión iOS          Versión Android

iEnviroWatch allows users to visualise and search environmental information provided by EEA for your location or geographical area of your interest. Versión iOS

Green Tips:
More than 150 green tips proposed by the European Environment Agency. Versión Android